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Air Conditioning Sales & Installation – Tweed Heads

Cool down with reliable air conditioning services for your home or business. Whether it is split air conditioner installation, reverse cycle air conditioner installation or ducted air conditioning installation we supply and install aircon between Palm Beach to Ballina and Lismore.

Aircon Service & Cleaning – Tweed Heads

Long standing, trust worthy local Tweed Heads air conditioning company providing air con repair & aircon maintenance solutions to domestic, industrial and commercial properties including shopping centres, high rise buildings, commercial kitchens and car parks.

Ventilation Sheet Metal – Tweed Heads

Custom duct work and sheet metal specialist in the fabrication of air conditioning duct work for commercial, industrial and domestic properties. Manufacturing the highest standards of sheet metal fabrication for all your ventilation needs.

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Experienced Air Conditioner Installers!

Breathe easy this Summer and keep cool with reliable air conditioning services

Are you looking for reliable and affordable split or ducted air conditioning installation for your residential or commercial premises in Tweed Heads? Look no further!

At Naros Air Conditioning & Sheetmetal, we supply, install, and service all types, makes, and models of air conditioners. From small to large systems, our experts will take care of all your air conditioning needs for split, ducted, and multi-head air conditioning systems. We will help you choose the best air conditioning unit for your needs and will then install it for you. We have immense experience in designing, installing, and maintaining both domestic and commercial air conditioning systems.

Naros Air Conditioning & Sheetmetal is committed to ensuring quality, affordability, and excellent customer services. Despite being cheap to run and maintain, our air conditioners are manufactured by the best brands to highest specifications, and we never cut corners when installing or servicing your air conditioners.


Our Experience

27 Years Industry Experience

With over 27 years in the industry, you can trust us with your air conditioning needs, whether installation, repairs, or servicing. We have completed uncountable air conditioning and sheet metal jobs in all of the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads areas, working with schools, homes, hospitals, holiday parks, resorts, apartments, offices, and other premises. We are confident to tackle your air conditioning and sheet metal job and give you the desired outcome you deserve.

aircon installation tweed heads
air conditioning installation tweed heads
ducted air conditioning installation tweed heads

Air conditioning systems require regular maintenance and service to improve their functional efficiency and extend their life. If you don’t clean and service them, they will cost you more money in the long run or even stop working at an inconvenient time. Therefore, don’t wait until your ducted or split system stops working. Contact Naros Air Conditioning & Sheetmetal to schedule your air conditioning service.

While our air conditioning service may vary, it mostly involves the following basic practices:

  • Cleaning filters
  • Checking the airflow
  • Checking the electrical connections
  • Checking gas levels
  • Ensuring that heating and cooling functions are working properly
  • Any extra maintenance

Our technicians have great expertise and experience and can tackle any fault hampering the performance of your system. Therefore, you can rest assured you’ll get the best and most accurate air conditioning service at all times.

Air Conditioning Service

Is your air conditioner dripping, noisy, or not cooling as it should? Call Naros Air Conditioning & Sheetmetal. We have a team of highly qualified air conditioning specialists throughout the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads with a wealth of experience in all air conditioner types and brands. We will assess the problem and provide the best solution, so it does not happen again.

Air Conditioning Repairs

Are you in need of a kitchen canopy, a vent, an exhaust system, or general sheet metal fabrication? Naros Air Conditioning & Sheetmetal provides innovative and high-quality sheet metal solutions that range from residential to commercial applications. We have highly skilled tradesmen who are trained to produce high-quality products. We also have a comprehensive range of equipment for cutting, folding, rolling, shaping, welding, and finishing products and projects. Naros is committed to providing excellent customer service, and we guarantee you that your sheet metal fabrication will be finished when you need it.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

We supply, install and service all brands of air conditioners

Ducted Air Conditioning Installation

Are you looking for a qualified, certified, and experienced air conditioner specialist to handle your ducted air conditioning installation? You have come to the right place.

At Naros Air Conditioning & Sheetmetal, we have a diverse team of ducted air conditioning installation experts who are qualified and experienced with all the necessary licenses and accreditations. Therefore, you can trust us to handle your ducted air conditioning installation. We will collaborate with your builder, architect, or engineer to design the best ducted air conditioning system for your requirements.

Split System Air Conditioner Installation

Split system air conditioner is ideal for one room or area of your business or home. It provides economical heating or cooling, catering for a wide range of budgets and applications. At Naros Air Conditioning & Sheetmetal, we provide fast and efficient split system air conditioner installation for both residential and commercial premises. Our experienced split system air conditioner installation specialists have been installing split system air conditioners in Tweed Heads and beyond for many years and will advise you on the best brand, model, and size.

Multi-Head Air Conditioning Installation

Do you own or want to install a multi-split system air conditioner? Naros Air Conditioning & Sheetmetal can supply, install, repair, or service any multi-split system air conditioner.

Multi-head split systems comprise one outdoor unit running several indoor units. Their main advantage is that you only require the space for 1 outdoor unit rather than of several outdoor units. Another advantage is that you can control temperatures and fan speeds for each room individually. Call us today, and we will help you find the right multi-head split system for your building.

If you’re looking for a professional and reliable split, multi-split or ducted air conditioning installation, don’t hesitate to call or request a quote.

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Reliable air conditioning service from Naros Air Conditioning & Sheet Metal based in Tweed Heads. We are an airconditioning company that supplies and installs air conditioners and also sheet metal ventilation fabrications for your home or commercial property.

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